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    What is a perfect photo for a Customer Pet Portrait?

    What is a perfect photo for a Customer Pet Portrait? - PetPortrait UK
    Wondering what photo to add while ordering? We can guarantee the best outcomes from the photos which meet our photo requirements.

    Let's talk about the custom pet portrait creation process and what is a perfect photo for it.

    As our digital artists' team makes portraits of the photos our customers provide while ordering it’s extremely important for them to have very high-quality materials to work with.

    Here is an example of a perfect photo and the great outcome of it:
    Custom Pet Portrait
    There are a few main rules we ask our customers to follow so we can create the best custom pet portrait.

    - Photo should be taken in a well-lit area, close-up from the front at eye level.
    Please make sure the eyes of your pets are visible. It's important to clearly see the color of the eyes, so our digital artist can make the portrait as real as possible.

    - The position of your pet on the photo is extremely important - photos with cropped ears or turned heads are not the best decision. Pet head and body should be fully visible in the photo. We do not accept photos of your pet laying down.

    - Nothing should cover the head of your pet (sticks/socks/whatever else they can put in a mouth). Also please don't send us photos of your pet covered in sand, mug or just wet :) Funny photos which we love, but won't work out.

    - It's also important to avoid over-exposure. Ideally, a photo should be without a filter and in natural lighting. 

    - Please send us original high-resolution photos - no screenshots or pixelated photos. The photo must be clear and taken on a neutral background.

    We know sometimes it's very hard to keep your pets still, but we promise the best reward for patient models :)  

    Sometimes there are situations when you can't get better photos as your pet isn't with you anymore, we still will try our best to get the best result, but will provide a refund if we can't make it work. 

    Also, if you are not sure if your photo is good enough you can always email us and we will get back to you after our digital artists check.

    Can't wait to to see custom pet portrait made of your pet photo - get started now!

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