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    What is a digital copy of Custom Pet Portrait?

    What is a digital copy of Custom Pet Portrait? - PetPortrait UK

    As a custom pet portrait, you will receive your portrait in both PNG & PDF format (3600x4800 px) straight to your inbox (email you provided while ordering) within 2-5 working days. Those files can be printed in any size without losing quality.

    You can also share this piece of art on your Facebook and Instagram :)

    How can I print my portrait?

    As we said you can print it in any size you like. Along with your portrait, we provide all the information on how to print it on our partner website (different sizes are available as well as framed/unframed options), so you can order and get it delivered to your home. As there are no special requirements for the type of paper or inks for printing you literally can use any available print shop to get a physical copy of your portrait.

    Let's have a look at some of the portraits! 😍

    Bilbo is a beautiful black Labrador living in a countryside house. The owner decided to keep the style simple and got his portrait printed in the black frame.
    Custom Pet PortraitCustom Pet Portrait Custom Pet Portrait
    Picture of cutie Winnie became a very stylish portrait with a little mat around the actual picture which made it look modern and special!

    Custom Pet PortraitCustom Pet PortraitCustom Pet Portrait

    Classic wooden frame made the portrait of Ralphy look cozy and warm.

    Custom Pet PortraitCustom Pet PortraitCustom Pet Portrait

    Can I use my image for anything else?

    Actually, you can use it for whatever you can even think of. Postcard? T-shirt? Cup or pillow? Having your portrait in .png file you can use it for any purpose and create some beautiful gifts :)

    Can I get my portrait without a name?

    Yes! If you prefer to have the portrait designed without your pet's name, please write "NO NAME" in the name box.

    Which Colour Should I Choose for background?

    There are 2 key elements to bear in mind when choosing a background colour for the custom pet portrait.

    • The colour of your dog
    • The colour of your home interior

    In our experience, any of the above colours will go with any colour dog however, we do find that lighter the dog, the darker the background should be and vice versa, the darker the dog, the lighter the background should be.

    Another thing to bear in mind is the colour of your home interior. Naturally, if your home is filled with natural, light and bright colours, you could opt for the Canary or Blossom. Alternatively, if you've got a dark interior and want the custom pet portrait to blend in with your other furnishings, then opt for the Late colour.

    At the end of the day, it's up to you. Whatever you choose, we're confident that your custom pet portrait will look beautiful in any room of the house.

    Excited to get a custom pet portrait?

    You can order it today and turn your pet photo into a modern illustrated custom pet portrait. Follow the link and simply enter your pet's name, upload your favourite photo and choose the background. This custom pet portrait is also the best present for any pet owner! 

     Please don't forget to follow our photo guidelines 👇

    1. Photo is taken in a well-lit area
    2. No filter and in natural lighting
    3. Close up and head-on
    4. We do not accept photos of your pet laying down
    5. Avoid overhead or blurry photos
    6. Please send original high-resolution photos


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